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Please include Annote8 in the email subject and remember to include:

  1. Annote8 Version: iPad / Android Free / Android Pro
  2. Version Number:  Shown on Annote8’s settings screen
  3. Code or Build Number: Shown on Annote8’s settings screen.


  1. TouchImageView under license from Michael Ortiz (license 2012).
  2. Apache Commons Collections under Apache 2.0 license from The Apache Software Foundation.
  3. Ordnance Survey Grid Reference functions under MIT Licence © Chris Veness 2005-2015. Chris Veness’ Website:  
  4. SQLite.swift under MIT License
  5. Glide under MIT License
  6. Google Drive REST API and Google Maps under Google Drive REST API Terms of Service
  7. End User Licence developed from a template from: