Annote8 for iPad


Welcome to the Annote8 - Photo Annotation Viewer and Editor.

Annote8 is a multifunction app for annotating, viewing, archiving and searching for JPEG image files. It allows you to:

1 - Edit JPEG EXIF metadata annotation and GPS data. These annotated JPEGs can be distributed to other people.

2 - Sort images by annotation or creation date/time either in ascending or descending order.

3 - Search for images by all or part of an annotation, by date, date range or GPS location.

4 - Combine searches to be even more selective.

5 - You can view the selected images either singly or as a slideshow.

Annote8 accesses the iOS Photolibrary and any of your albums in it, reads the metadata and maintains an SQLite database so that you can search for your images on your iPad. You can import photos from the Photolibrary to edit the metadata to help you catalogue your images. You can import images from and export images to your Google Drive preserving all of the metadata - this allows you to share annotated images with your friends and family.