1) Why does it take so long to update my images?

Saving new metadata requires rewriting the whole JPEG file so it takes the same time as copying the original image.

2) Why do I need to re-create the database?

If another app adds or deletes JPEG images then Annote8 must update its database so that the search functions work correctly. In Android if you know that any additional images are restricted to one folder then you do not need recreate the database, just open the folder using View Folders and the new images will be detected automatically.

3) Can I upgrade from the Free to the Pro Version in Android?

Yes - just purchase the Pro version and then when you run it for the first time it will create the database to include all of the images and their metadata on your device.

4) How can other people see the annotations on my images?

Send them the images or share them in Google Drive and when they run Annote8 and recreate their database, all the metadata will be stored so that they can search just as you can.