Annote8 for Android - on Google Play


Welcome to the Annote8 - Photo Annotation Viewer and Editor.

Annote8 is a multifunction app for annotating, viewing, archiving and searching for JPEG image files. It allows you to:

1 - Edit JPEG EXIF metadata annotation and GPS data. These annotated JPEGs can be distributed to other people.

2 - Sort images by annotation, creation date or image name either in ascending or descending order.

3 - View all images or search by annotation, date or date range and file name (Free version limited to 25 images).

4 - Rename, copy, move and delete image files either individually or in batches.

5 - Manipulate directories (folders) - Create, rename, copy, move and delete folders.

6 - Search for images by name, annotation, date, date range or location.

7 - View selected images in a slideshow.


Annote8 maintains synchronisation with the Android MediaStore database so that other image related apps are compatible. Annote8 also creates and maintains an SQLite database which allows rapid partial word searching to select photos with matching annotations, searching by date, date range, image name or by location.


Action bar options:

Google Drive - Opens the Google Drive interface

Settings - This shows the settings screen.

Database Utilities - This shows the Database Utilities screen for resetting or creating the SQL database if the number of JPEGS on the device and in the database become mismatched. Also allows importing and exporting of a CSV file of annotations.

Help - displays the help menu


Button options:

View Images: Shows the Image Viewer which allows searching, sorting and annotating. When run from this home screen all the images in the device are selected.

View Folders: Shows the Folder Viewer which allows you to manage folders and images including batch renaming and batch annotations.