Welcome to the Annote8 - Photo Annotation Viewer and Editor.

Anyone who collects digital images knows the problem of trying to find the image that you want amongst the thousands that accumulate over the years.

Digital images are commonly stored as JPEG images. Each JPEG image stores the actual image but also can store metadata such as the date and time the image was taken, the GPS location and the make / model of the camera. The JPEG metadata can also store a text annotation (User Comment) which is not shown by standard image viewers so differs from an image markup which is visible. Annote8 reads the metadata from all the images on your device and stores this in a database for easy searching: you can search by all or part of an annotation, by date or date range and by GPS location. Searches can be performed sequentially so that you can combine the types of searches to narrow down and find the image or group of images that you want

Annote8 allows you to edit the date / time, the GPS location (using Google MapsTM) and add or edit a text annotation. This combination of editing and searching metadata gives you the tools for organising your photos.

If you have a modern camera or capture images on your mobile devices then you can let them set the GPS location automatically but Annote8 can let you edit this information or set it retrospectively in images with no GPS tag. In addition to the GPS tag Annote8 can edit the date/time metadata as well as add or edit a text annotation either in individual images or in batches. Annote8 allows you to set this metadata for all those thousands of old digital images you have; either digital photographs or scans of old photos.

Annote8 is available for Android tablets and iPads. The versions are optimised for the different devices as their operating systems are very different. 


1) The Android version edits the images in situ and makes full use of the folder structure and file names For Android 7.0 or later the SD card is available. You can create,copy, move or delete single images, groups of images or whole folders. Annote8 synchronises with the MediaStore on the device. The images can be transferred to and from Android devices using Google DriveTM or via a USB connection with the metadata being preserved.


2) The iPad version uses the iOS Photolibrary but because of the restrictions in iOS, Annote8 must import the images into a local work folder and export them back out. iTunes is commonly used to transfer images to and from your iPad but can strip out all or part of the metadata so we do not recommend this. Annote8 interfaces with your Google DriveTM and can import or export images directly preserving the metadata.